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I don’t often post non-music related stuff, but I just finished watching my favorite web series’ newest episode. They absolutely crushed it. Must watch.


New episode. Here.

Gwen Stacy and Spiderman

Went out to a bar tonight and I saw that on the calendar there was a night that was themed “Gwen Stacy & Spiderman”. Not understanding the kind of music they’d be playing for a Gwen Stacy/Spiderman night, I asked the bartender. He turned to me and tells me to ask the owner. I turn and look to see a guy in his late 30s/early 40s wearing a tight denim jacket with an ascot, black skinny jeans, and dress shoes. 
I ask him, “What’s Gwen Stacy & Spiderman night?”
He turns and says, “My wife passed away awhile back. Every Halloween since I’d met her, we’d go out dressed as Gwen Stacy and Spiderman together. I do this night once a month and tell the DJs to play songs we’d dance to to remind myself of her.”
Not knowing what to say I simply said I’m sorry for your loss. He told me it was fine. But I walked away seeing him stare out to the dance floor, beer in hand. And I couldn’t help but feel sad.

The Perfect Record Review


The perfect record review should change your hearing. You should come away from it with your brain slightly re-wired, so that you never hear the piece of music in quite the same way again. The change happens because an interesting idea about the music was presented in such a…