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I don’t often post non-music related stuff, but I just finished watching my favorite web series’ newest episode. They absolutely crushed it. Must watch.


New episode. Here.

Gwen Stacy and Spiderman

Went out to a bar tonight and I saw that on the calendar there was a night that was themed “Gwen Stacy & Spiderman”. Not understanding the kind of music they’d be playing for a Gwen Stacy/Spiderman night, I asked the bartender. He turned to me and tells me to ask the owner. I turn and look to see a guy in his late 30s/early 40s wearing a tight denim jacket with an ascot, black skinny jeans, and dress shoes. 
I ask him, “What’s Gwen Stacy & Spiderman night?”
He turns and says, “My wife passed away awhile back. Every Halloween since I’d met her, we’d go out dressed as Gwen Stacy and Spiderman together. I do this night once a month and tell the DJs to play songs we’d dance to to remind myself of her.”
Not knowing what to say I simply said I’m sorry for your loss. He told me it was fine. But I walked away seeing him stare out to the dance floor, beer in hand. And I couldn’t help but feel sad.

The Perfect Record Review


The perfect record review should change your hearing. You should come away from it with your brain slightly re-wired, so that you never hear the piece of music in quite the same way again. The change happens because an interesting idea about the music was presented in such a…

I recently got into this conversation with a friend of mine where we had gotten around to talking about relationships, and this idea of growing and what to do when you stop growing from a relationship you’re currently in. This idea that everyone at some time or another reaches a point in their relationships where they feel that that’s it. You’ve stopped and there’s no where left. Where you just can’t see yourself growing anymore by being with them and you have to decide. Do I stay with them and try to keep this relationship going? Or do I call it quits and move on? 

Its a tough call to make. Relationships work when you stand to learn, grow, evolve into a better version of yourself that you never could have done alone. Being involved with someone makes you realize and see things in a light that being stuck in your own head, talking to yourself oftentimes won’t let you see. Where being with this person makes you want something for yourself. And for them as well. You want to be that person for them too.

Listening to this song, you hear the urgency in the cries for an answer. He’s been waiting on this person for years to change, to be better, and they just haven’t. And they’ve tried to change themselves in hoping that maybe its you yourself thats the problem. But be that as it may. Being in a relationship that is stagnant is never fun for anyone. It forces itself on you, a chore that you keep putting off.

Be with someone that makes you WANT to be someone. That makes you want to the best possible version of yourself that you can be. That’s something I call worthwhile.

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